Safed Musli Ras

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Safed Musli Ras

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Safed Musli has generally excellent ayurvedic therapeutic use. It is a rich wellspring of more than 25 alkaloids, nutrients, minerals, proteins, starches, steroids saponins and polysaccharides and so on. Musli or Talamuli ha.s been utilized iii the indigenous system of medication for a significant stretch. As indicated by Bhavprakash the medication is sweet, cooling, adhesive expands Kapha and lessens ‘Pitta daha and goes about as energizer, it invigorates Mush arranged as a glue with goats milk or nectar and applied locally over the face, lights up the appearance of the face.

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  • It is a rich wellspring of more than 25 alkaloids,
  • It is traditionally used for arthritis,
  • Its also used to treat or prevent Diabetes,
  • Its Boost vitality, improving sexual performance,
  • Its is a rich source of many nutrients, minerals, proteins, starches, etc.


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