Pyrotreat Ras

Pyrotreat Ras

Pyrotreat Ras

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Fevers that are persistent (chronic) are typically defined as fevers lasting for time. A fever can mean a lot of different things. Most often, an increase in body temperature is a normal response to an infection, like a cold or the flu. People suffering from such fever have a weak immune system and need immediate care. It reduces WBC cells and platelets from the body lead to an increase of injection in the body. Malaria and dengue fever in severe cases can cause yellow skin, seizures, coma, or death. Pyrotreat ras helps to cure all types of fevers and boost your immune system by strengthening the body’s cells.


  • Reduces fever of dengue.
  • It helps to reduce malaria-causing cells
  • Increases Platelets in Blood.
  • Increases WBC in Blood.
  • Makes the immune system strong.


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