Punch Tulsi Drop 30ml

Punch Tulsi Drop with Box

Punch Tulsi Drop 30ml

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Tulsi is placed high among herbs because of its medicinal value. Punch Tulsi Drop is a blend of the goodness of fives species of this mother herb including, Rama, Shyama, Van, and Sweta to serve its therapeutic benefits. It is prepared from the high-quality distillate of whole Tulsi plants. It is a good food supplement, helpful in building immunity, fighting stress & infections, flush out toxins, aromatherapy, and maintain the glycemic index. Punch Tulsi Drop is beneficial for deadly fevers like dengue, malaria and swine flu, etc. Along with this, Punch Tulsi Drop is very effective in cough, cold, acidity, constipation, stomach pain, abdominal pain, and viral or seasonal fever.


  • Beneficial in curing deadly fevers like dengue, malaria, etc.
  • It is effective in the management of cough, cold, chronic bacterial disease, skin disease, and indigestion.
  • Build the immune system.
  • Maintain the glycemic index.
  • Fight stress and infection.